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Can I take mushroom supplements every day, or should I take breaks?

Taking mushroom supplements daily is generally considered safe for most people so long as they are taking the recommended dose. That being said, and while there is little research available as to whether it is required, many experts recommend periodically taking breaks from all supplements, so as to not let the body build a tolerance to their effects. 

Many people recommend taking mushroom supplements every day for three to six months and then taking a one-to-two week break. Some people will take them every day for two weeks then take a week off. I personally take them five to six days a week every week, taking off Sundays and some Saturdays. It is really all about finding a schedule and a routine that works for you.

How do shiitake mushrooms help with obesity?

There are a couple of ways in which shiitake mushrooms can help prevent weight gain. The first being that they have almost no fat and, when eaten as part of a meal, can be quite filling. If you were to replace less healthy options for shiitake mushrooms, it would be safe to say that you probably wouldn't gain weight as quickly as you would on a less healthy diet. This is not unique to shiitake mushrooms though - this is true of almost all edible mushrooms.

What makes shiitake mushrooms unique is that they contain compounds, such as b-glucans and eritadenine, which, in addition to making you feel full, help reduce cholesterol levels. Eritadenine is known to lower plasma lipid levels, or cholesterol in the blood, while b-glucans prevent the intestines from absorbing additional cholesterol. 

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